CloudTV The Future of Videostreaming

cloudtv 2.5.1

CloudTV is an advanced videostreaming platform that allows you to broadcast live events, thematic channels, and video content in high quality.

With an intuitive and flexible interface, you can easily create scheduling directly in the cloud.

Our integrated player is compatible with all devices and adapts to users with low bandwidth thanks to automatic encoding in different quality formats.

The platform also allows you to manage and edit your video on demand content with simplicity.

Additionally, CloudTV enables you to simultaneously connect to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, and Linkedin and share your live streaming or playlists with the world.

Our video broadcasting service includes 2 RTMP streams, one main and one backup, ensuring a constant and reliable transmission of your video content.


Compatible with all broadcasting software

OBS (Open Broadcasting Software):




Livestream Studio:


Streamlabs OBS:


With CloudTV, you can create a complete schedule with random or timed scheduling or conduct high-quality live streaming.

This allows you to broadcast your content in a simple and efficient manner, without worrying about technical issues or interruptions.

Cloud-TV 720p

€129.90 /mensile
  • Utenti Illimitati
  • Traffico Illimitato
  • Qualità 2,5 Mbps @ 720p
  • Transcoding 720p, 480p, 360p
  • Spazio Disco 120 GB
  • Registrazione Streaming Incluso
  • Ondemand Incluso
  • Social Plugin FB/Youtube/Twitch/RTMP
  • CDN Unlimited Inclusa
  • Uscite Video HLS/Mpeg Dash/RTSP
  • Player ABR Adaptive Bitrate
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Cloud-TV 1080p

€249.90 /mensile
  • Utenti Illimitati
  • Traffico Illimitato
  • Watermark Live Protection Incluso
  • Qualità 4,5 Mbps @ 1080p
  • Transcoding 1080p, 720p, 480p
  • Spazio Disco 512 GB
  • Registrazione Streaming Incluso
  • Ondemand Incluso
  • Social Plugin FB/Youtube/Twitch/RTMP
  • CDN Unlimited Inclusa
  • Uscite Video HLS/Mpeg Dash/RTSP
  • Player ABR Adaptive Bitrate
  • CloudTV-2023


€5,99 /Attivazione 24H
  • Durata Demo 5 Giorni
  • Utenti Illimitati
  • Traffico Illimitato
  • Qualità 4,5 Mbps @ 1080p
  • Spazio Disco 20 GB
  • Registrazione Streaming Incluso
  • Ondemand Incluso
  • Social Plugin FB/Youtube/Twitch/RTMP
  • CDN Unlimited Inclusa
  • Uscite Video HLS/Mpeg Dash/RTSP
  • Player ABR Adaptive Bitrate

Cloud-TV 2.5.1 Overview

cloudtv final 2023

CloudTV is the perfect solution for broadcasting live events, thematic channels, and high-quality video content.

Our platform is intuitive and flexible, with the ability to create schedules directly in the cloud easily and intuitively.

With automatic encoding of the 1080p, 720p, and 360p streams, users can enjoy optimal video quality even with low bandwidth.

Moreover, you can record live broadcasts and share them via the embedded player. With the always-active backup server, you have the total assurance of being online at all times.

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CloudTV - Playlist

With CloudTV, it’s easy to create automatic playlists for your streaming broadcast.

Choose how many ads to insert between each video and launch your playlist with just one click.

Moreover, with the help of an intuitive calendar, you can schedule different playlists in advance for a perfect programming. Additionally, you can set random playback to increase the variety of content shown to your audience.

This way, you won’t have to worry about manually selecting the content to show, allowing you to focus on the broadcast itself.

cdn random

CloudTV - Video Manager

cloudtv uploadl

CloudTV’s Multi-Upload Video feature allows you to upload your videos in various formats such as .avi, .mov, .mkv, .wmv, .3gp, and the system will automatically convert them into high-definition mp4 format 1080P.

The conversion takes place in just a few minutes, making your videos immediately available for scheduling and optimized for smooth viewing by users, thanks to the automatic encoding in various formats integrated into the player.

Furthermore, with the built-in preview function in the file manager, you can easily check your videos and schedule them in a simple and efficient manner.

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CloudTV - CDN Unlimited

The Cloud Delivery Network (CDN) service is active in the Cloud-TV package.

Our infrastructure CDN Unlimited allows you to have fast and reliable delivery of your video content worldwide.

Thanks to the global distribution of our servers, your viewers can access your content seamlessly and with the highest quality. #cloudtv

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CloudTV - Video Editing

Convert Video from formats .avi | .mov | .mkv | .wmv | .3gp to mp4

Automatically protect your videos by applying the logo directly to the video.

Edit your videos (Cut|Merge|Masks|Convert) and easily embed them on your site using the Embed code.

Additionally, you can add background music in the editor to make your videos even more engaging. Use your productions for video scheduling as well. Goodbye, Youtube!

CloudTV - Social

With our innovative Social Plugin, you can easily connect your accounts on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, and simultaneously broadcast on all these channels with a single click. Additionally, you can add up to 4 Custom RTMP of your choice for greater flexibility in your broadcast.

By sending a single video stream to our Video Azoto Solution servers, you reduce costs and bandwidth requirements, as we encode the video and send it to your socials.

This allows you to focus on your broadcast without worrying about technical issues.

cloudtv social

CloudTV - Watermark Logo Live Protection

watermark protectio video

Protecting your live video streaming is crucial to safeguard your intellectual property and prevent unauthorized use or copying. With our watermark protection service, you can rest assured that your content remains secure and exclusive, regardless of how it is shared or distributed.

Our protection service with watermarking is easy to use and seamlessly integrated into our live video streaming platform, providing an additional layer of security to your content. With our service, you can add your logo or brand directly to your video stream, making it easily identifiable and reinforcing your brand identity.

Don’t take risks with your valuable content. Choose our watermark protection service and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your live video streaming is fully protected.

CloudTV - Widget Automatic Playlist

The widget for complete scheduling is an interactive element that can be easily integrated into your website using Embed code.

This widget displays the scheduled airing time, video cover, and video duration.

Users can view the complete schedule in one place and quickly access the videos that interest them. The widget is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the needs of your website and audience.

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