Can I Talk online with Auto DJ?

What the question means is, can you talk over the auto dj? No, to talk online you would have to switch to live source -- WinAmp provides a way to do this, the Win Amp Broadcaster -

- Free Download

You can, however, play songs instantly -- you choose what song will be next, you can even create some custom drops that go with your station and play them as you like.

To do this,

(1)  Create a Playlist, title it something like "live"

(2) Set it to enabled for now

(3) For Type choose -  Immediate

(4) Set playback order to In Order

(5) Leave the rest default, choose save

When your ready to start, goto your media library and add songs to the new playlist you just created - remember, what ever is at the top will play next - don't forget to click the save button each time you add songs

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