How do I get listed in Shoutcast?

If you are having problems finding your listing in Shoutcast,  first go to the control panel and click "Configure Server".  Go to the "Server Overrides" tab.  Where it says "Public server", make sure it is set to "Always" and click update.  If you are  using auto dj to stream, click the "AutoDJ" tab and set the genre.  The genre needs to be set to be
able to search and find your stream in Shoutcast.

If you are using a broadcaster to stream live, then set the genre and stream info in your encoder's yp settings.  If the genre and stream info are set properly, then your stream will automatically list.

Shoutcast checks for online streams every 10 minutes.  As long as you are streaming when Shoutcast checks for online streams, then your stream will be listed.  If you interrupt the stream at all or restart it, then you are unlisted when you do so.  You will be listed again when Shoutcast checks again for online streams.

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